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Let Your People Power Your Workouts

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

by Nike Training

Wether you're getting after a workout by yourself in your living room or hitting the gym before your partner is even awake, you may consider training solo experience. But it should never be a solo journey.

Your loved ones- friends, family, a significant other - are there to support you.

Here's why you should lean on them when you need help finding the energy to get moving or motivation to keep chipping away at a massive goal.

For Starters,

A slew of research shows that having close personal relationships is positively associated with grater long-term health and happiness. 'We know that people who have close, loving relationships live longer because it reduces stress', says Simon Sinek, an expert on inspiration and the author of 'Start With Why'. 'The release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone that creates that feeling of love and warmth in our bodies, actually boosts our immune system'.

Beyond that, your close connections are key to your success as you work toward a healthier lifestyle. In fact, one study found that spouses with the strongest levels of support made more progress on their goals than those with less-supportive bonds did. 'As tribal, social animals, we thrive by creating strong, trusting, deep, meaningful relationships.' says Sinek. 'Nobody success alone.' Having trust makes you feel safe, feeling safe giving you the courage to challenge yourself, and challenging yourself builds confidence and empowers growth, he explains.

Think about it this way. 'Your people are like your very own personal cheerleading squad, coaching staff, and teammates all in one'. That might explain why studies have found a link between strong emotional support and improved sports performance.

But that doesn't mean your people always have to be present. Going virtual has its benefits, too. Face Times with a family member, texts mom, and interacts with friends on social media every day. 'Instead of letting my busyness become an excuse, I turn it into a reason to connect.' 'Even if I can only chat with a friend for a minute, it's just enough to put a smile on both our faces, which can change the rest of my day.'

No time for an In-depth conversation? Reach out anyway. 'I lie to text someone as soon as I'm thinking about them, otherwise whatever's going on in my day might take over, and I'll forget' Type something like 'Wish I could chat more now, but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you!' They'll definitely appreciate the love, and you'll feel good about being proactive.

The more effort you put into keeping your relationships tight, the more effort each member of your circle will (hopefully) put into your bond too. So ask yourself, 'What can I do today to connect with my people?' Even if it's just a quick text to let your friend know that you did a workout they'd enjoy, go ahead and send it. That little interaction might be just the thing to motivate them to sweat - and cue them to pay it forward next time you need a little momentum too.

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